Campus & Amenities

Architecture is a part of the overall culture and so can not be confined in the four walls. In order to develop the budding architects on excellent line, we believe it is necessary to go beyond the classrooms.


There are studios with proper lighting ventilation, storage, drafting facilities with a capacity to accommodate. forty students, each. The rooms are very spacious to facilitate the students to work peacefully.


Computer labs (Wi-fi Zones)

There is satellite connectivity through v-sat in the entire academic building with an easy access to the internet through wireless connectivity.

Library and E-Classes

Dignity’s ever growing library has a resource of various books and is a vast sea of information for the young minds. Dignity College has developed an advance technology to let the students access the latest knowledge of Architecture through e-learning. Apart from all these, Dignity has well equipped seminar hall, properly furnished Hostels, Neat and clean canteen and all other facilities which are essential for the students.

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Throughout the ages architecture has been a reflection of the socioeconomic and progressive nature of the human civilization. As Chhattisgarh is a developing state and growing very fast in every field including of the construction and infrastructure business, the state requires sufficient number of qualified architects to provide good architectural services towards more...

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